Anne-Charlotte D.


Virginie is a hypnosis consultant who approaches your issues with love, understanding and compassion.
I am extremely grateful that she has enabled me to become a non-smoker in a couple of hypnosis sessions. This is an effective and surprisingly easy process, and doing it with Virginie made it a real joy. I have recommended her services to many friends (for other issues too!) and will keep on doing so!

Gwen B


When I went Virginie, I was living very difficult times. She was able to listen to me, to support me and to give the necessary courage to face my personal situation. With this beautiful healer, it is with a soft and loving approach that day after day, week after week, I started to love life and be myself. I am forever grateful to Virginie.

Geene H


Virginie is an amazing & wonderful HYL coach. She is good in helping to unleash the great abilities and bring to light skills in me. She takes great responsibility in guiding me to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Virginie’s Life coaching service to anyone who is looking for a transform their life. Thank you Virginie!

Stephane B


I warmly recommend Virginie to anyone willing to change their life. She is thoughtful, encouraging and insightful. During my sessions, I had several ‘lightbulb’ moments which helped me see past issues in a new light, helping me to move on. Virginie is a lovely lady, caring and supportive and has set me on the right road to renewed self confidence and improved self-esteem.

Mike P

Abu Dhabi

I would highly recommend Virginie to anyone who as any form of anxiety disorder! I have been highly anxious, ridden with panic attacks since teenage years… I had been to see psychologists, been on medication, have seen counsellors and also another hypnotherapist but nothing really worked for me. Virginie however easily got me out of my own frenzy and the way she explained things to me just made perfect sense. Her hypnotherapy sessions have truly resolved my anxiety disorder once and for all, something I didn’t even believe would be possible. I can’t even tell you how much my life has changed for the better! Thank you so so much!

Pascal S


Virginie is a very positive and kind person who helps you to overcome your “blocking” and to reach your objectives to improve your life.
I suffered for years from chronic allergies. Thanks to a couple of hypnosis sessions, I stopped fearing to see upcoming spring seasons. I can now enjoy to see blossoming flowers and trees without any doubt and fear. I highly recommend anyone to be coached by Virginie.

Guillaume D


Virginie has been fantastic to work with, helping me to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life – enabling me to take the road that will lead to fulfilling my personal goals. I highly recommend Virginie to anyone seeking for a clear vision of her/his own life.